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​2023 Exhibitions


True to Form: The Power of Depicting Reality

2023.08.03 - 2023.08.26


Mind Palette and Empty Land - Tsang Chui Mei Solo Exhibition

2023.08.03 - 2023.08.26


Ogata Kamio: The Legend of Neriage

2023.07.04 - 2023.07.29

Under The Sun: Re-visit

Elpis Chow Solo Exhibition

2023.07.04 - 2023.07.29


Portrait: the Infinite and Beyond

Chen-Dao Lee, Hikari Shimoda, Jeremy Yamamura, Mariko Toey, Glary Wu, JARO - JAM STYLE, Iurum

2023.06.06 - 2023.07.01



Lewis Lau

2023.05.09 - 2023.06.03

習慣每夜三點四十九我準備去戰鬥 fb banner-01.jpeg

I Am Ready To Fight Every Night at 3:49am

Ho Sin Tung

2023.04.12 - 2023.05.06


Garden Song

Aries Wu

2023.03.14 - 2023.04.08

In wonderland facebook banner-01.jpg

In Wonderland
Sim Chan, Apple Cheng, Alex Heung, Dave Ho, Tobe Kan, Kitty Kong, Hanison Lau, Lau Kam Hung, Lulu Ngie

2023.02.14 - 2023.03.11

New Page banner2.jpg

New Page
Abby Lee, Elpis Chow, Apple Wong, Hector Chan, Kosuke Ikeda, Silvester Mok

2023.01.06 - 2023.02.11

New Page mark making- banner 1.jpg

New Page: Mark-Making
Hector Chan, Ho Sin Tung, Miki Lam, Mak Ka Yan, Silvester Mok, Sinman Yeung

2023.01.06 - 2023.02.11

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