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Artist / Apple Wong

Apple Wong_edited.jpg

“In my painting, I subtracted the sexual characteristics of human body. Afterwards, everyone's the same. They are "human beings", just like me and you." Apple Wong Hiu Fung is a Hong Kong artist. Upon her graduation from the School of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University, she has held personal exhibitions in Hong Kong and has participated in various art exhibitions and expos. Her works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Belgium, England and Singapore. In 2017, she published a poetry and painting collection named "Summer of Freedom" in cooperation with local poet She Kwan and publisher Art and Culture Outreach. In 2018, she independently published a zine called "One Portrait One Arabic". She acquired The Derwent Art Prize Young Artist Award in 2016, artwork was exhibited at London Mall Galleries. In 2011, She was awarded the Hong Kong Cliftons Art Prize 2011, the selected work has been collected by Cliftons. ​Body speaks louder than words.


Apple's art has always attempted to comprehend the essence of human being. She appropriates subtle gestures and body shapes to interpret certain topics: relationships, independence, eternity, faith, etc.  Through creating artwork, Apple records life experience, keeps exploring the private part of our soul. She believes the individuality of human being is the most beautiful and unique part in our lives.


Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University




The Derwent Art Prize 2016 - Young Artist Award


Enliven-Fresh Trend 10th Anniversary Art Graduates Joint Exhibition﹣ Outstanding New Artist

Ming Dot Dais Award (Sponsored by Ming Dot Dais Limited)


Hong Kong Cliftons Art Prize 2011




Mountains of Misty Rain, Touch gallery, Hong Kong


The Faltering Steps, HKSC, Hong Kong


Talking To Myself, A-Gallery, Hong Kong



New Page, Touch Gallery, Hong Kong

On Your Mart, Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery, Hong Kong
Voices - Printmaking Exhibition, Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong
2021 Art Next Expo, Lanson Place, Hong Kong
A Collection in Two Acts, Rossi & Rossi, Hong Kong
Painting with Music, Mist Gallery, Hong Kong
Art exhibition of Wong Hiu Fung, Benson Koo and face_upside_down, A Little Something, Hong Kong 
WHY PRINT 2 : Biennial Printmaking Exhibition, Openground, Hong Kong
Long to Belong Joint Exhibition -  Tang Kwong San, Kwong Man Chun and Apple Wong Hiu Fung, Contemporary by Angela Li, Hong Kong
IND1V1DUAL1TY - Peng Hui-Ting, Wong Hiu Fung and Zuo Xiaokang Group Exhibition, Illuminati Fine Art, Hong Kong
One Portrait One Arabic New Book Release Exhibition and Sharing, Foo Tak Building, Hong Kong
One Day - Joint Exhibition, 7 Mallory Street, Hong Kong
The Third 6075 Macau Hotel Art Fair, Regency Art Hotel, Macau
Women Artists 1st International Biennial of Macau, Avenida Xian Xing Hai, Macau
Summer of Freedom Manuscript Exhibition , Foo Tak Building, Hong Kong
Poetry: Summer of Freedom - Conversation between Hong Kong and Tai Wan - Talk and Exhibition, Bleu&Book, Tai Pei
Poetry: Summer of Freedom - Reading and Mini Exhibition, Poetry in Life, Tai Pei
Open the Roon in the Dark - Summer of Freedom Exhibition, Form Society, Hong Kong
Again and again - Joint Exhibition, Common room & co., Hong Kong 
​murmur Joint Exhibition , Koo Ming Kwan Gallery, HKBU, Hong Kong
I Work At Light - Joint Exhibition, Foo Tak Building, Hong Kong
The Derwent Art Prize 2016 Exhibition, Exhibition tour at Mall Galleries & Trowbridge Arts, London
Affordable Art Fair 2016, A-Gallery, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong
Singapore Contemporary Art Show 2016, Artify Gallery, Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore
Affordable Art Fair 2015, A-Gallery & Young Talent Hong Kong 2015, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong
Off Course Brussels Art Fair 2015, A-Gallery, OFFCourse asbl, Brussels, Belgium
Autographs -Young Artists Exhibition, Tsang Shiu Tim Art Hall, UST Hong Kong 
Re-encounter by Bambi Lam, Apple Wong and David Wong , Artify Gallery, Hong Kong 
Enliven-Fresh Trend 10th Anniversary Art Graduates Joint Exhibition, Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong
HKBU AVA Grad-Show 2014: Extension, K11 Art Space, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts BA (VA) Graduation Exhibition 2014, AVA Kai Tak Campus, BU, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Baptist University Visual Art Student Society Annual Exhibition, Koo Ming Kwan Gallery, BU, Hong Kong
WYNG Masters Award 2012 Student Exhibition, ArtisTree, Hong Kong
Here and There: Dialogue between Hong Kong and Japan, K11 Art Space, Hong Kong
8+3 Discovering the Infinite, By Nothingness the Beings Evole, K11 Art Space, Hong Kong
Toys Paradise: Creativity and Toy Culture in Hong Kong, HKDI Gallery, Hong Kong
Memories of King Kowloon, ArtisTree, Hong Kong
LIGHT UP-Amnesty International 50th Anniversary Exhibition, Rat's Cave & HAJI Gallery & Tai Ping Shan Street, Hong Kong
The Cliftons Hong Kong Art Prize 2011 Exhibition, Cliftons Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Whose Quality Control? Joint Art Exhibition, HKSC Gallery, Hong Kong
Reproduction Joint Art Exhibition, Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong

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