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Aries Wu Solo Exhibition

Garden Song


2023.03.14 - 2023.04.08​

Exhibition Statement


"What touches my soul the most is the plants around me, which are simple but truly heartful."

Touch Gallery is pleased to present artist Aries Wu’s second solo exhibition “Garden Song”. Aries discovers the beauty of life through gardens, and conveys optimism

and expectation for life through plants with his special perspectives.

Acclaimed for his exquisite depiction of natural beauty, his paintings create a unique visual experience, inspiring the viewer to perceive nature, reality and explore new aesthetics. Lively brushstrokes, vividly unique colours, fantasy and distorted flower images, and surreal composition have all become the hallmarks of his painting style.

Aries' paintings are very rich in subject matter, bringing together various experiences in life into a series of pleasant, delicate and dreamy landscapes. Statues and

paper-planes gather in the vast tree-lined area; the vast and calm sea is full of extraordinary inner vitality, and the imaginary garden is closer to human life and culture in his works.

His artistic language comes from the unique interpretation of art history and contemporary art. He observes the world with a pure and agile perspective, adding lively shapes while depicting various postures of flowers and plants. The whimsical ideas stand out from the colourful images, bursting out the amazing energy.

Aries Wu has been widely recognized and praised. With the success of the artist's solo exhibition with Touch Gallery in 2021, and a successful 2022 in major Art Fairs, celebrated with sold-out shows. His works have been exhibited around the globe and entered collections of major public institutions. 

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