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Art Fair 2023

Touch Gallery proudly presents a joint presentation of ten artists from Hong Kong, Japan, Argentina and Korea, presenting a fresh perspective celebrating the joy and hope of contemporary life.

Coincidentally captivated by vibrant spring scenery, our 5 artists — Aries Wu, William Lim, Miki Lam, Sara Tse, Kana Miyamoto and Jooni Choi — constructed one utopia that can only be imagined in a dream. They make use of gardens, fruits, and plants to symbolise stages and happenings throughout our lives: love, joy, passion, and a desire for purity and innocence.  

Ultra-contemporary artists Yuta Nishiura and Yasuhito Kawasaki explore the connection between fantasy and life, awakening our sleeping innocent souls with their signature sculptures and paintings of innocent characters. They draw inspiration from their family and daily interactions; the expressions of the figures, colours, textures, and the settings that he creates for each piece are varied, depicting their own intriguing story. 

Experimenting with materialism, Lee Jong Min and Silvia Levenson focus on presenting the essence of their materials: porcelain and glass. Lee presents a serene and tranquil feeling that washes over one like a gentle breeze or stream flowing. Silvia fuses European traditional craftsmanship with modern art and design and plays around the idea of femininity.

Art Central 2023, Hong Kong

2023.03.22 - 2023.03.25

Featured Artists:

Yasuhito Kawasaki

Sara Tse

Yuta Nishiura

Lam Ka Yee, Miki

Wu Chun Yin Aries

Silvia Levenson

Lee Jong Min

William Lim

Art Central 2023
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