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2021 Exhibition

Aries Wu Chun Yin 胡浚諺 - Bloom 芳華

Highlight of the Month - Aries Wu Chun Yin

2021.06.03 - 2021.07.04

Touch Gallery invited local artist Aries Wu Chun Yin as the artist of Highlight of the Month in June 2021, we are honoured to present his solo exhibition “Bloom” of his paintings, he tenderly depicted the beauty of flowers with traditional Western oil paintings.


The seventeenth century was a golden age when the Netherlands achieved outstanding achievements in various fields especially in art, it was freed from the limitation of myths and religious themes in the past, and reflected real life in artistic creation, which was more simple and realistic than Baroque in the same period. Aries’ painting context originated from the Dutch school of painting at that time, and was especially influenced by Johannes Vermeer. Using traditional European oil painting techniques and themes of daily life, he explored the beauty of space and light to express his thoughts and feelings of life.


Aries’ paintings in this exhibition utilise flowers as the theme, depicting various postures of plants with delicate brushstrokes. When the flowers bloom and fade, the delicate changes of the fragile and lively flowers are like telling different stories. The paintings are also as realistic as the photos, viewers might be therefore attracted and scented the fragrance of the realistic flowers. In the paintings, the soft glimmer of light through the windows gently permeating the space, quietly and elegantly, and we can feel the spirit of life in it.


Before the beautiful things of daily life fade away, Aries gently painted about the ordinary life that is familiar to you and me. While recording the story of life and time, it also allows us to calm down and understand life.

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