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Botanical Evocations

2024.2.20 - 2024.3.15

Exhibition Statement


Imagine when traditional Chinese painting themes of landscapes, figures, and flowers and birds intertwine with the vibrant works of emerging Hong Kong contemporary Gongbi artists. "Botanical Evocations" presents a collection of new artworks by artists Chan Sui Ying, Zaffer, Cheng Tan Shan, Sam, and Lai Kwan Ting, Sue.


In this exhibition, plants serve as the catalyst for artistic inspiration as these talented artists forge connections between botanical elements and the surrounding scenery, human figures, and the delicate world of flowers and birds. Through their masterful brushwork, they offer a fresh perspective on the unique urban landscapes of Hong Kong.


Chan Sui Ying, Zaffer immerses herself in the role of an urban gardener, drawing inspiration from local plants and birds. Her pictorial representations document the untamed grass that thrives amidst the seams and corners of everyday life. In the bustling Bird Street of Hong Kong, caged and wild birds coexist, their worlds separated by the bird cages. Who envies whom? Only they hold the answer.


Cheng Tan Shan, Sam draws from the beauty of plants and landscapes, finding inspiration in street scenes where trees harmoniously coexist with the urban environment. Through her artwork, she captures the essence of the city's humanistic corners, revealing the interplay between nature and civilization.


Lai Kwan Ting, Sue draws her inspiration from the connection between plants and people. Incorporating the floral emblem, the Bauhinia, and lily bouquets into her interior spaces, she unveils the intimate moments of her daughter's everyday life, imbued with the spirit of home practice.


Join us to appreciate the artistic expressions of these three talented artists. Their works, steeped in the traditions of Gongbi painting, invite you to explore and experience the cultural sentiments of Hong Kong through the lens of botanical evocations.

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Selected Artworks

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