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Artist / Celia Ko

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Celia Ko exhibited in both Hong Kong and overseas. She received her formal fine art (Drawing & Painting) training in Southern California. Ko considers herself primarily an oil painter of the figurative and portraits while adopting installation, mix-media, 3D objects and photography for her recurring theme of autobiographical quest of identity. Her work demonstrates her diverse interests of representation by different mediums, and her intense considerations in painting of the perceived and the reconstruction of memory.  


Ko worked with the most influential multi-cultural/community mural organization SPARC in Los Angeles. She brought her Southern California mural knowledge to Hong Kong at the time working with Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Housing Authority, Hong Kong Youth Art Festival, Hong Kong Education Bureau, etc., training both teachers and students. 


Ko is a recipient of the Freeman Foundation Fellowship (USA) and Artist in Residence of Lingnan University, Hong Kong. Her work is collected by Hong Kong Museum of Art, private collectors both locally and in overseas.  Since year 2000, she is a visiting lecturer at various art institutes including Hong Kong Baptist University, HKU-SPACE, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and has taught at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (HK)/Art School, SCAD, Lingnan University, etc.



MASTER OF ARTS in Literary and Cultural Studies,

The University of Hong Kong 



California State University, Long Beach, USA 



May 2013         Finalist, Hong Kong Art Prize 2013

2008                 Artist-in-Resident, Lingnan University, Hong Kong


2000-2001    Fellowship Award Receiver, Vermont Studio Center, USA

                            Freeman Foundation, USA

2000                 Finalist (with partnership of Tony Ng, Vincent Yip and Daniel Leung),                              Competition on Design of Decorative Works of Art for the Hong

                            Kong Central Library, Hong Kong



3/2023              “Artist on Duty: Celia Ko”, Artist at Studio 709, 

                             JCCAC, Hong Kong

2-3/2009         “That Moment Now”, Lingnan University, Hong Kong

1-2/2008          “Faces & Places”, American Chambers of Commerce, HK

6/2006              “Objets d’amour”, The Economist Gallery, Fringe Club, HK

6/2001               “Lost in the Woods”, Red Mill Gallery, Vermont, USA

9/2000              “The Essence”, HK City Hall, HK

9/1997                “Detours to Paradise” The Fringe Gallery, Hong Kong

3/1995                “Paradise” Hong Kong Visual Art Centre, Hong Kong



8/2023              "True to Form: The Power of Depicting Reality", Touch Gallery

2-3 / 2023        “New Gaze”, 4 Artists Joint Exhibition, 

                             Gallery Exit, Hong Kong

3-4 / 2022        “Curious Cases”, Joint Exhibition by Carol Ho & Celia Ko

                             Gallery Lara Tokyo, Roppongi, Japan

2 / 2022             “When Parallel Worlds Collide” Joint Exhibition by Carol Ho & Celia

                              Ko, Art/home, Hong Kong

11/2021                “A Preserved Narrative” - An Outdoor Installation by Celia Ko

                              A Part of Sustainability Art Exhibition at Sha Lek Corner,

                              Shatin, Hong Kong

12/2018               “A Date with Fotan Master Exhibition”,

                              Fotan, Hong Kong

1/2017                 “Fotan Open Studio 2017”

                              T & C Studio, Hong Kong


12/2016               “HKU SPACE 60th Anniversary Art Exhibition”, 

                              Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong

11/2015                “Back to The Future”, Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong

10 – 11/ 2015     “Resonating with Creative Minds”, Lingnan University, HK

10/2014              “Whitehouse | Redroom”, Roppongi 605 Gallery, Toyko

1/2014                 “Fotanian Open Studio”, Art Club Hong Kong, HK

9/2013                “Homing Pigoen”, Roppongi 605 Gallery, Tokyo

5/ 2013               “Hong Kong Art Prize 2013”, HK Asia Contemporary Art,

                              Wheelock Gallery, Hong Kong

1/2013                 “Fotanian Open Studio”, Art Club Hong Kong, HK

1/2010                 “You Park Here”, Fotan Industrial District, Hong Kong

6/2008               “20C Debut – Eclectic Visions”, HK Visual Arts Center, HK

4/2005               “Gan Guan – Observing the senses”,  Counihan Gallery, Moreland                                      City Council, Melbourne, Australia  

12/2003              “SPACE Art Ex 2003”, HKU SPACE, Hong Kong Cultural Center 

3/2003               “Art Walk”, John Batten Gallery, Hong Kong

7/2002               “Embark-Disembark”, Mass Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

7/2002               “The Love of Art”, Hong Kong University Art Museum


2/2001                “Bundles of Paper”, John Batten Gallery, Hong Kong

4/2000              “Under the Bed”, Fringe Gallery, Hong Kong

11/1998                “Wall to Window” Group Exhibition, Para Site, Hong Kong

2/1998                 “Works On Paper” Group Exhibition,

                               John Batten Gallery, Hong Kong 

7/1997                  “Visions of Hong Kong” Group Exhibition, Taikoo Place, 

                               Hong Kong

6/1997                  “Bad Art” Group Exhibition, Fringe Gallery, Hong Kong

4/1996                  “Ink Momentum” Group Exhibition, HK City Hall, HK

3/1995                  “HKG-SYD-HKG” Group Exhibition, Fringe Gallery, HK

11/1991                   “Vagabond - Hong Kong Artists 1991” 3 People Show

                                Gallery B, California State University, Long Beach, USA

9/1991                   “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” Group Exhibition

                               Parks and Recreation Development of Long Beach, USA

6/1990                  “June 4th...”, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, USA

5/1990                  “Fish - when East meets West”, Two Persons Installation, 

                                University Art Museum, Long Beach, USA

5/1988                  “Insights ’88”, University Art Museum, Long Beach, USA



2008 “Boy Landscape II”, 4ft x 6ft, Oil on Linen, 

Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong 

1995 – present Portrait commissions and private collection in: 

Hong Kong; Detroit, Los Angeles, Sacramento (USA);

Melbourne, Sydney (Australia); Paris (France);

Heilbronn (Germany); Northumberland, London (UK); Tokyo (Japan); Guangzhou, Shanghai (China)

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