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Artist / Chen-Dao Lee

Chen-Dao Lee.png

1982 Born in Taipei, Taiwan


B.F.A., National Taiwan Art University, Department of Fine Art

M.F.A., National Taiwan Normal University, Department of Fine Art

Chen-Dao Lee (b. 1982) was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and is a doctoral candidate in Graduate School of Contemporary Visual Culture and Practice at National Taiwan University of Arts. Lee utilises multiple media, including painting, publishing, and directing, to explore the intersection between fine art and commercial visual production, proposing a practice that combines both popular and aesthetic values to showcase the relationship between art and contemporary society. Chen-Dao Lee has won the Takashi Murakami Geisai art award and has produced several art-related commercial films. His works have been exhibited at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles (2021), MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY in Tokyo (2020), Aki Gallery in Leipzig (2020), Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York (2017). His art direction works have received Platinum Award at Houston International Film Festival (2017), Bronze Award at ADC Global Awards MOTION in New York (2017), and Best of the Best in Communication Design category at Red Dot Design Award in Germany (2017).


Chen-Dao Lee combines realistic symbols, exaggerated actions, and vivid forms to create a dramatic atmosphere that satirises the consumption reality of media and popular culture, empowering the originally plain images with a brand new impact. He juxtaposes various dualistic themes, such as male and female, classical and modern, ordinary and extraordinary, seeing and being seen, pornography and art… With his rich and playful aesthetics, Chen-Dao Lee responds to the profound influence of Japanese and American pop culture on Taiwan. In his early years of art life, he painted the erotic life of Taiwanese people in a classical composition and photorealistic lighting that seemed to be in Hollywood movies. In recent years, he has focused on female characters of Japanese and American films and subcultures, matching their delicate and charming faces with plain and ordinary bodies, deconstructing and criticising the male-dominated aesthetic definition and perspective with his strong style and colour contrasts.


Lee's paintings transcend the bonds of classical art, and sharply observe the popular culture and entertainment trends of the younger generation. With exquisite oil painting techniques, contemporary humour, and vivid colours, his art presents a strong tension that cannot be ignored. His works are not just artworks, but also a profound observation and reflection on contemporary society and culture. This breakthrough in traditional art expression allows viewers to gain unique insights and thoughts on contemporary life while enjoying the artwork. ​




               Sleepless in Tokyo, Megumi Ogita Gallery, Tokyo, Japan


               Super Power, Aki Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


               Cha-Cha-Cha of Sienna, Aki Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


               HEROES, Hdari Zingaro Gallery Taipei, Taiwan


               King’s Game, Aki Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

               Lee, Chen-Tao’s solo exhibition, LiLi Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan



               Portrait: Infinite and Beyond Group Exhibition, Touch Gallery, Hong Kong 2022

               Art Collector Starter kit VIII, Corey Helford Gallery, California, USA

2021      Art Moster 2021, Taipei, Taiwan     

               ART TAIPEI 2021, Taipei, Taiwan     

               ANIMAMIX, Eslite Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan     

               The Little Prince - 75th Anniversary Group Show, Corey Helford Gallery                           15TH Anniversary Show, Corey Helford Gallery, California, USA     

               One Art Taipei 2021, Taipei, Taiwan


               Art Collector Starter kit VII, Corey Helford Gallery, California, USA                                   Reunion, Aki Gallery, Leipzig, Germany     

               Sweet 16, Corey Helford Gallery, California, USA


               ART in PARK HOTEL TOKYO 2018, Tokyo, Japan


               Keep Going - Contemporary Art Exhibition, iFG Square U Town, Taipei, Taiwan

             《THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME》, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New                       York, USA



               ART 15 London’s New Modern and Contemporary Art Fair,Olympia Grand                       Hall,London,UK


               ART TAIPEI 2014, Taipei World Trade Center I, Taipei, Taiwan     

               Asian Realism II, AKI Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan     

               Asian Realism II, YOSHIAKI INOUE GALLERY, Osaka, Japan     

               Young Art Taipei 2014-Taipei Contemporary Hotel Art Fair, Regent Taipei,                       Taiwan     

               ART Tainan 2014,Tayih Landis Hotel, Tainan, Taiwan     

               ART 14 London’s New Modern and Contemporary Art Fair,Olympia Grand                       Hall,London,UK


               ART TAIPEI 2013, Taipei World Trade Center I, Taipei, Taiwan     

               Symbiosis AKI Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan     

               2013 Young Art TAIPEI Taipei, Taiwan     

               ART Tainan 2013 Tayih Landis Hotel, Tainan, Taiwan


               Art Taipei 2012, Taipei World Trade Center I, Taipei, Taiwan     

               Young Art Taipei 2012, Sheraton-taipei, Taipei, Taiwan     

               Y.E.S.Taiwan IV - Young Emerging Stars Taiwan IV, AKI Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan                 Mancy’s Tokyo Art Nights, Tokyo, Japan


               Young Art Taipei 2011, Sunworld Dynasty Taipei Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan


               Finding New Stars,Taipei, Taiwan     

               Young Art Taipei 2010, Sunworld Dynasty Taipei Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan     

               Y.E.S Taiwan II --Young Emerging Stars, Taiwan, Aki Gallery, Taipei     

             《Geisai #14》, Big Site, Tokyo 2009    

             《Geisai Taiwan》, Taipei     

               National Elite Art Graduates, The Yu-hsiu Art Space, Hsinchu     

               Kaohsiung Awards, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung


               Karma: The Samsara of Contemporary Painting, The NTNU Gallery, Taipei     

               8 Stars of Fine Art, Capital Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan


               Fancying self as Taiwanese, Aki Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


               Development of Young Artist’s painting realistically, Metropolitan Art Gallery,                   Tainan





             《Geisai Taiwan》 Second Price     

               Kaohsiung Awards - Excellent Awards     

               Taipei County Art Awards - Excellent Awards


               Cathay Life Arts – First Price                  

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