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If the World Ends Tomorrow

2023.11.07 - 2023.12.02

Exhibition Statement

The exhibition "If the World Ends Tomorrow" showcases a series of eight paintings by Chivas Leung, inspired by the eponymous song of the local band, Fan Hung A. This song was released during a difficult and turbulent period and has accompanied Chivas throughout the years. Have you ever imagined the end of the world? This song has a lively rhythm and sings about embracing the last moments with that special someone, assuming the world will end tomorrow. Reflecting on these years spent locked up in her room, Leung has been constrained not only by society and the covid but also by her own inner world. Sometimes, art practice and life felt like self-imposed restrictions. She has often imagined the arrival of the end of the world, yet she has also imagined different wonderful journeys. Just as the song says, if the world were to end, Chivas envisions herself embarking on that journey with the people she cherishes, disregarding reality and obstacles. Although the end of the world has not arrived, and these journeys remain imaginary, Chivas still hopes to record these emotions and bring them to life on the canvas, making the imagined journeys come true and hoping to finally find a way out, exploring the beautiful world alongside her loved ones. At the same time, she invites the audience to embark on this journey together, asking, "Will you join me this time?"

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Selected Artworks

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