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Artist / Chow Chun Fai


Graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Department of Fine Arts
(BA and MFA). In 2012 he ran in the Hong Kong Legislative Council elections, for the
Sports, Performing Arts, Culture and Publication constituency. Most recently his work
has been featured in the exhibitions: A Mirage of a Shining City (Tang Contemporary
Art Hong Kong 2023); Always After Now (Touch Gallery Hong Kong 2022); Portrait
From Behind (Gallery Exit Hong Kong 2020); Chow Chun Fai (Eli Klein Gallery New
York 2018); Everything Comes With an Expiry Date (Klein Sun Gallery New York 2016); Venice Meeting Point (Venice Biennale 2015); Hong Kong Eye (Saatchi Gallery London 2012), the Liverpool Biennial (Liverpool 2012). Chow is a the recipient of the Grand Prize of the Hong Kong Arts Centre 30th Anniversary Awards, and the Sovereign Asian Art Prize.


2006     M.F.A., The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2003     B.A., The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Solo Exhibitions

2024      ‘Always After Future’ Touch Gallery, Hong Kong

2023      ‘A Mirage of a Shining City’, Tang Contemporary Art, Hong Kong
2022      ‘Always After Now’, Touch Gallery, Hong Kong

2020     ‘Portrait From Behind’, Gallery Exit, Hong Kong 

2018      ‘CHOW Chun Fai’, Eli Klein Gallery, New York 

2016      ‘CHOW Chun Fai: Everything Comes With an Expiry Date’, Klein Sun   

                Gallery, New York 

2015      ‘CHOW Chun Fai: I Have Nothing to Say’, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong 

2013      ‘CHOW Chun Fai: I Have Something to Say’, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong 

2013       ‘Cultural Rights – Artist Running An Election’, the Hong Kong University of 

                Science and  Technology, Hong Kong 

2010      ‘Reproduction of Reproduction’, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong 

2009     ‘Not Fine Art’, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong 

2008     ‘Shanghai Tan - Paintings by CHOW Chun Fai’, Galleria dell'Arco, Shanghai 

2008     ‘Paintings by CHOW Chun Fai’, ViennaFair, Vienna 

2008     ‘Paintings by CHOW Chun Fai’, China International Gallery Exposition, 


2008     ‘Paintings, Videos and Photography by CHOW Chun Fai’, Hanart TZ 

                Gallery, Hong Kong 

2005     ‘Significance Form: Paintings by CHOW Chun Fai’, GrottoFineart, Hong 


2004     ‘Paintings by CHOW Chun Fai’, State of Arts Gallery, Hong Kong 

2003     ‘Painting, Grass, Ceiling—Paintings by Chow Chun-Fai’, Hong Kong Art 

                Centre, Hong Kong 

Selected Group Exhibitions 

2015       ‘Venice Meeting Point’, Arsenale Venice 

2015      ‘The Past Continuing’, Hong Kong Heritage Museum 

2014      ‘All Are Guests - Homecoming’, Hong Kong Museum of Art 

2014      ‘Light And Shadows- Caravaggio- The Italian Baroque Master’, Asia Society, 

                Hong Kong 

2014       ‘This Slow‧That Fast: Animamix Biennale’, Run Run Shaw Creative Media 

                Centre,  Hong Kong 

2013      ‘Art Basel’, Hong Kong 

2012      ‘Hong Kong Eye’, Saatchi Gallery, London 

2012      ‘Liverpool Biennial’, Liverpool 

2011       ‘Chongqing Biennale for Young Artists’, Chongqing Art Museum, Sichuan   

                Academy of  Fine Arts 

2010      ‘Legacy and Creations-Art vs Art’, MOCA, Shanghai 

2010      ‘Installation and Sculpture about FungShui’, Wooferten, Hong Kong 

2010      ‘Butterfly Effect’, He Xiang Ning Art Museum, China 

2009     ‘VIENNAFAIR’, Vienna 

2009     ‘Art Brussels’, Traversee Gallery 

2009     ‘Second Skin’, Osage Gallery, Singapore 

2009     ‘Charming Experience’, Hong Kong Museum of Art 

2008     ‘Effetto Stalker#2’, Galleria dell'Arco, Palermo, Italy 

2008     ‘Beautiful Journey Beautiful World’, West Kowloon Cultural District,

                Hong Kong 

2007     ‘The Pivotal Decade: Hong Kong Art’, Manchester UK 

2007     ‘China’s Next Wave’, Munich, Germany 

2007     ‘Reversing Horizons’, MOCA, Shanghai 

2007     ‘Inside Looking Out’, Osage Hong Kong and Osage Beijing 

2006     ‘Beyond Foreordination--Contemporary Photography Exhibition’, 798, 


2005     ‘YCCA - Yong Chinese Contemporary Art’, HangART-7, Austria 

2003     ‘Matrix Inside Out: Paintings by AU Hoi Lam & CHOW Chun Fai’, 

                GrottoFineart, Hong  Kong 

2003     ‘The Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition 2003’, Hong Kong Museum of Art 

2001      ‘Joint Funeral of Chow & Kwan’, 1a space, Hong Kong 

Public Collection 

21 C Museum, Louisville, KY, United States
Deutsche Bank, Hong Kong
Frank Suss Collection, London, United Kingdom
Hotel Icon, Hong Kong
Harbour City, Hong Kong
Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai, China
HangArt-7, Salzburg, Austria
Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong
M+ Museum, Hong Kong
Swire Properties, Hong Kong
The Pawn, Hong Kong
Uli Sigg Collection, Mauensee, Switzerland
White Rabbit Collection, Sydney, Australia
The Franks-Suss Collection, Australia

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