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2021 Exhibition

Yasuhito Kawasaki 川崎泰史 - Continuous 承

Continuous - Yasuhito Kawasaki

2021.12.01 - 2021.12.31

To farewell a memory full year of 2021, Touch Ceramics is honoured to present emerging artist Yasuhito Kawasaki’s second
solo show this December, ‘Continuous’. Kawasaki is making a comeback with ceramics sculptures and paintings influenced
by the happenings in the world this year. In that, the art toy ceramic he created is celebrating the innocence and original
intention in Kawasaki’s inner heart, showcasing the importance of art toy is taking hold of the art trend . Embracing little
moments with his family are incorporated in his works, remind us to have a positive attitude even facing challenges ahead.
We hope you all can bring this energy from Kawasaki and Touch Ceramics to celebrate the festivals in the end of the year
and year ahead. The gaining popularity of Kawasaki’s works filled his schedule and if you missed the chance seeing his
works in this show, the next will be at March 2027, So don’t miss it!

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