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Artist / Harris Wong

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Wong Chun Ho, Harris (artist name See U Neck Time) was born and raised in Hong Kong, where he was awarded his bachelor degree in Visual Arts at the Hong Kong Baptist University. He believes humor is the salient element in his art practices. He desires to construct an absurd world by recreating articles of daily life in strange and goody forms, exploring the integration of abstraction and figuration.   Inspired by absurdism, Harris observes matters of indifference and intends to transform that meaninglessness into something engrossing yet rebellious. Distorted and goofy hybrid creatures are frequently depicted in his practices as his motifs.   Harris has concentrated on ceramics and printmaking. Transferring printed images on clay-based potteries and molded clay, he is obsessed with exploring the relationship between the two mediums, bridging different dimensions through screen printing, monoprint and ceramic sculpture-making.


Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 Fancied, Touch Gallery, Hong Kong

2022 任意門 Anything Anywhere, Organised by Contemporary by Angela Li

2022 Affordable Art Fair, (Hong Kong) Represented by Artube

2022 The Ship of Theseus, Graduation Show by Hong Kong Baptist University

2021 Milan - Hong Kong Design, new forms and functions in parallel with Italian iconic works, Organised by Italian Cultural Institution in Hong Kong


Selected Awards

2022 AVA Award, by HKBU AVA

2022 Useless Studio Ceramics Award, by HKBU AVA

2022 Tuna Prize, by HKBU AVA

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