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Ho Sin Tung Solo
I Am Ready To Fight Every Night At 3:49 am

習慣每夜三點四十九我準備去戰鬥 fb banner-01.jpeg

2023.04.12 - 2023.05.06​

Exhibition Statement


Touch Gallery is honoured to present “Ho Sin Tung: I Am Ready To Fight Every Night At 3:49 am” featuring the Hong Kong icon’s latest Sport and portraits series on canvas. The artist’s early renowned series features classic film genres, shuttling between reality and imagination. In recent years, she founded POWWOW in Foo Tak Building, Wanchai -a joint point of sports and cultural lovers. Through sports, she learnt to communicate with and take care of her body and mind outside of art making which eventually inspired the new series of painting on canvas.


Ho Sin Tung’s inspirations came from the community. People who are alone late at night, practising in Muay Thai, relaxing and exercising have also become her source of inspiration. During the pandemic, people tried to bring sports into their homes, and some people chose to bring various indoor sports outdoors. The figures of people exercising different sports and martial arts in the park sometimes blend into the scenery, sometimes they are out of place. It reemerges the park's captivating mix of dualities, private and public, artificial and natural, organic and geometric. 


The series of works exhibited in this exhibition showed more personal feelings which are full of ambiguity and possibility. The title of the exhibition directly references the title and lyrics of local musician TomFatKi's popular song "Dim Dim Sum '' released in 2022, adding extra colour to her latest collection.


The Hong Kong star has been awarded, praised by collectors and scholars and celebrated with numerous exhibitions around the world since her debut in 2005. She has also studied after local legend Gaylord Chan. She is recognized with numerous exhibitions held at renowned galleries around the world, including: Seoul Museum of Arts; Chambers Fine Art, New York (2017); Chambers Fine Art, Beijing (2016); Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong (2010) and more. Her work has also been included in the collection of M+ Museum in Hong Kong. 

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