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2021 Exhibition

Stephen Wong Chun Hei 黃進曦 - Indoor Hundred Islands 斗室島敘

Indoor Hundred Islands
Highlight of the Month - Stephen Wong Chun Hei

2021.04.09 - 2021.04.30

Hong Kong contemporary artist Stephen Wong Chun Hei is the artist of Highlight of the Month of Touch Gallery in March and April 2021. The first part of the exhibition ‘Indoor Travelling with Objects’ had showcased and received numerous supports and positive feedbacks, now we continue the theme of ‘indoor’, and present his latest paintings - ‘Indoor Hundred Islands’ as the second part of the exhibition. Through the appreciation of the paintings, the audience can experience the joy of travelling among the landscapes even in a small room.

Stephen created 100 small islands, and on each of them, there is a person either camping, entertaining oneself or facing the loneliness. Since last year, everyone has become more aware that they are living on an isolated island liked situation. Under different circumstances and conditions, some people meditate, some are upset, some are having fun, and some are at ease; but even when we are disconnected, everyone still shares the same sky and sunset.

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