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2021 Exhibition

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Indoor Travelling with Objects

Highlight of the Month - Stephen Wong Chun Hei

2021.03.13 - 2021.04.08

We are honoured to invite Hong Kong contemporary artist Stephen Wong Chun Hei, to be the artist of Highlight of the Month in March 2021, presenting his latest paintings - Indoor Travelling with Objects.


Looking at the ordinary objects as a landscape is what Stephen wants to study in this exhibition. Besides the daily use objects, he collects a lot of “useless” toys and furnishings at home but in a messy status. One day he put the model of the Thinker onto the Time Machine of Doraemon, and realised that the connection among objects could be very enlightening, so he starts arranging the objects by painting on canvas for travelling among them. Sometimes he makes use of the contents with certain objects, but more interestingly, sometimes he didn’t know what kind of landscape he was undergoing until the piece is done.

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