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Artist / Iurum


1971       Born in South Korea

               Ewha Womans University Graduate School, Visual Design, Ph.D.

               Ewha Womans University, Graduate School, Information Design, M.F.A.

               Ewha Womans University, College of Art & Design, sculpture, B.F.A.



Artist Iurum (b. 1971) was born in Korea and earned a Bachelor's degree in Sculpture Art, a Master's degree in Information Design, and a Ph.D. in Visual Design from Ewha Womans University. Iurum has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Korea, such as Taehwa River International Installation Art Festival (2011) and the 5th Blossom Art Fair (2023). Since 2004, Iurum has also held several solo exhibitions that have received enthusiastic responses from the Korean art world.


In her series of works, "SWEETCH: Summon to Happiness" and "SWEETCH: Life in Ice Cream," Iurum uses mixed media to create miniature figures within ice creams, which are experiencing different stages of life. By using "food" as a visual symbol, she attempts to stimulate the viewer's sensory perception and evoke memories of the sweetness which brought happiness in childhood. This allows for the positive reconstruction of hidden anxieties and dark memories within one's mind. The ice cream displays various scenes from life, such as a mother playing with her child, a child riding a skateboard, men and women preparing for a date, a man commuting via taxi, an elderly couple taking a walk, and a mother and daughter attending a funeral… In other words, the ice cream serves as a way to summon negative potential memories or emotions through the medium which essentially conveys happiness. These repressed negative emotions buried in subconsciousness include not only those caused by traumatic events but also everyday anxieties that are rooted in the uncertainty of human life.


The works on display each showcase different situations and emotions that one might experience in life, from joy and happiness to loneliness and sadness. Through a single moment's freeze-frame, the viewer can feel the flow of these emotions deep in heart. By reflecting the ordinary material as ice cream, Iurum invites the viewers to re-examine those ordinary yet precious moments of life from a new humanistic perspective.

Solo Exhibition                     



               Life in Ice Cream - B-tree Gallery, Seoul, South Korea


               SWEETCH - Gallery L’espace71, Seoul, South Korea


               SWEETS - Gallery EM, Seoul, Korea


               Summon to Happiness - Gallery YOO ART SPACE, Seoul, South Korea

               Dalgona - Magician de Oz, Seoul, South Korea


               DEAR - MIEL, Seoul, South Korea


               BECOMING - Gallery KYO, Tokyo, Japan


               Iurum Solo Exhibition - Gallery ARTSIDE, Seoul, South Korea                     



Group Exhibition                     



               Portrait: Infinite and Beyond Group Exhibition, Touch Gallery, Hong Kong     

               5th Blossom art fair - Shinsaegae Department store, Seoul, South Korea     

               Balanced Vol.5 - B-tree gallery, Seoul, South Korea


               Present is PRESENT - B-tree gallery, Seoul, South Korea


               Um...Love Scened - Ewha Art Center, Seoul, South Korea


               EWHA ART FAIR - Ewha Art Center, Seoul, South Korea


               Combined Bits - Gallery l’espace71, Seoul, South Korea


               Design505 - Insa Art Center, Seoul, South Korea     

               A bit combined - Gallery 5pointz, Seoul, South Korea     

               Big Small - Won Gallery, Seoul, South Korea


               LIVE FICTION - Deokwon Gallery, Seoul, South Korea     

               TEAF2011 Taehwa River International Installation Art Festival, Ulsan, South Korea                       Design505 - Ewha Art Center, Seoul, South Korea      

               THE LINER - Insa Art Center, Seoul, South Korea     

               FUNFUNFUN - 55 degrees, Seoul, South Korea


               Design505 - Ehwa Art Center, Seoul, South Korea     

               picture of a note Exhibition - Moknam Gallery, Seoul, South Korea


               EhwaYeon - Gallery Ben, Seoul, South Korea     

               HOUSE - 3rd Summerfish Project / Seoul


               One Day Arty Show - 2nd Summerfish Project, Seoul, South Korea     

               REBORN - 1st Summerfish Project, Seoul, South Korea


               LIFE TREE - Jinheung Art Hall, Seoul, South Korea


               Alumni Exhibition of Ewha Womans University College of Art & Design - Hangaram                 Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea                  

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