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JARO is an illustrator from Japan who is known for his unique personal style and creativity. His works usually feature bright and lively character images, full of the trendy whimsy and humour that is popular today.


JARO and a designer, MISA, jointly formed the JAM STYLE brand in 2014, whose creative concept is "seriously goofing around" and focuses on drawing children images with large eyes and rich facial expressions. JAM STYLE not only sells original character art products such as "それゆけさだゆき!", but also designs brand illustrations for well-known brands such as NIKE, Apple, and Coca-Cola. Their works are also frequently seen in contemporary advertising, books, magazines, and comics.


In addition to digital media, JAM STYLE also creates analog art pieces for their solo exhibitions and joint exhibitions, showcasing their diverse creative forms. Their cartoon children images are full of rich details and vivid expressions, attracting and infecting the viewers world-widely. JARO-JAM STYLE's illustrations and trendy art products have become one of the representatives of contemporary Japanese trendy art and culture, deeply loved and sought after by art lovers and trendy culture followers.

Main Career                                            



               Portrait: Infinite and Beyond Group Exhibition, Touch Gallery, Hong Kong     

               Solo exhibition "JAM STYLE exhibition" at Tsutaya Bookstore, Nara, Japan


               POP UP SHOP "Let's go JAM STYLE!" at Aichi, Japan     

               Created image character for Nagasaki Craft Lemonade

               POP UP SHOP "Let's go JAM STYLE!" at Tokyo,Japan          

               Illustration for MUCC's birthday merchandise     

               Solo exhibition "JAM STYLE exhibition" at SHIBUYA109 STORE, Hong Kong


               Capsule toy "Let's go Sadayuki!" Release     

               Summer campaign "Let's go Sadayuki!" at iSQUARE, Hong Kong


               Sales of art prints from Kaihsin, Taiwan


               Live painting at music festival SUMMER SONIC, Osaka, Japan     

               Live painting as a guest artist at Musashino Art University Art Festival, Tokyo, Japan 2015    

               LINE Sticker "Let's go Sadayuki!" Release

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