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藝術家 / Jeremy Yamamura


Jeremy Yamamura (b. 1981) received his degree in animation and video art in 2004. Over twenty years ago, Jeremy began his artistic practice on the streets of Bordeaux, France, where he became a member of a well-known graffiti crew. He replaced the decorative and detailed graffiti of the 90s Wildstyle movement with a more direct and impactful approach, creating his unique character, DOGZZZ, to emit positive energy and provide social commentary. This caught the attention of art collectors worldwide.

In 2004, Jeremy moved to London and held his first exhibition. He then moved to Japan in 2006 to work as a creative director and motion graphics designer, fully immersing himself in his artistic pursuits. Jeremy has become one of the most referenced and mentioned figures in the Tokyo art scene, exhibiting his works in galleries across Europe, the United States, and Asia, as well as collaborating with recognised brands such as Converse and MUJI. Additionally, he has focused on the local community in Tokyo, creating murals to support small independent businesses and creative individuals.



2004    BFA in motion and video, ECV Bordeaux, France

2023     “Portrait: Infinite and Beyond Group Exhibition”, Touch Gallery, Hong Kong

               “Pop&Street Osaka” group show, Hankyu Umeda, Osaka

               “Party People” group show, Night Out Gallery, Tokyo

               “Kitakaze” group show, Maison Ozmen, Paris
               “Besties”, Lurf Museum, Tokyo

               “Ginza Collector’s Club”, Tokyo Ginza Six Tsutaya

               “Pop&Street” Hidden Champion group show, Tokyo


               “Boogie Doggie” solo show, London Dec 2022

               “Xmas” group show popup, Tokyo Ginza Six Tsutaya

               “#Chapter2” group show, Madrid
               “Serendipitous Splendour” group show, Hong Kong

               “Ginzasix Tsutaya Xmas” group show, Tokyo

               “Japan Walls” group show, Wakayama, Japan

               “4BYSIX” Bus panel charity auction, London

               “Re-Bear Project” group show, Hankyu Mens Osaka

               “Tokyo Nights” group show Vol. 5, Blockhouse Tokyo

               “Washi & Origami” popup, Ginza Six Tsutaya

               “MOCAF” Art Fair, Gallery Kogure, Manila

               “Art Taichun” Art Fair, 333 Gallery, Taiwan
               “Ginza Tsutaya Ginza Six Group Show”, Tokyo
               “Bone, dogzzz, thugs n harmony” solo Show at MAT, Tokyo
               “Black Thread Black ink” group show at Facetasm, Tokyo
               “Tokyo Nights” group show Vol. 4, Blockhouse Tokyo
               “9” Group Show at Vertical Gallery, Chicago
               “ArtrA – Season 2”, Nike Airmax group show at Atmos, Kyoto, Tokyo,                             Nagoya

               “Animal” group show at Changting Gallery, Tokyo
               “Tokumei Kiboten” anonymous group show, Tokyo
               “Small” group show at Stupid Krap, Australia
               “Ginza Collector’s Club”, Ginza Six Tsutaya


               “Tokyo Nights” group show Vol. 3, Blockhouse Tokyo
               “Luckey Charm” group show at Koner Gallery, Nagoya
               “Parco Video projection Vol.2” on the main screen Osaka
               “The Fridge Tokyo, ALL STARZZZ” Solo Show at Dojo Harajuku

               “Muji Artist Collab”, Ginza Flagship Tokyo

               “Pow!Wow! Japan” group show, Shirahama
               “Kibi” group show, What Cafe, Tokyo
               “Cozzzy Pop Up Shop”, Hankyu Tokyo & Osaka

               “Tokyo Nights” group show Vol. 2, Blockhouse Tokyo

               “WWArt Fair Solo Show Gallery Func, Shanghai

               “The Fiction” group Show at Gallery Func, Shanghai

               “Yokai & Monster group Show at LOFT, Nagoya
               “Art Xiamen Art fair Amoy China, Gallery Func Booth

               “Parco Video projection” on the main screen Osaka

               “Tokumei Kiboten” anonymous group show, Tokyo

               “Tokyo Nights” group show Vol. 1, Tokyo


               “Tengzzz”, mural at Tengu Shokudo, Sangenjaya

               “Sense” group show, Tokyo
               “Zzzancha”, streets of Sangenjaya, Tokyo


               “Toyzzz” collaboration with Japanese artist MAW, Tokyo

               “Daruma Utageya” group exhibition, Osaka
               “Stress” group show, Tokyo


               “Dogzzz” solo exhibition, Tokyo

               “Make it Organic” group show, London

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