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2020 Exhibition

Yasuhito Kawasaki 川崎泰史 - Kawasaki's Parallel Universe 其實每人都有一個平行世界

Kawasaki's Parallel Universe
Highlight of the Month - Yasuhito Kawasaki


We are beyond honored to have invited acclaimed Japanese artist Yasuhito Kawasaki as our next Highlight of the Month. Through paintings and ceramic artworks, Kawasaki brings us to his own parallel universe.


Kawasaki believes that everyone has their own parallel universe, and this alternate world interconnects with everything in the real world -- we may see a different self, and as well things may be very different. Among Kawasaki's paintings stand the white ceramic artworks, just as the ceramic works exhibited in reality. Kawasaki thus brings audience into his colourful alternate world — where reality and fantasy entwine — with the common-portal to his imaginary world: the white sculptures. We could see ceramics in the paintings, and vice versa, and therefore surrounded by his vision of romance where everything becomes playful and surreal. Although in the contemporary world, fantasy might be merely a whim to most, Kawasaki thinks otherwise, wherein fantasy and reality co-exist. 

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