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Artist / Kazy Chan

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Kazy Chan, Hong Kong artist, who graduated from the Design Studies programme at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong. Since leaving his position in the advertising industry, in which he worked a few years, he has been continuously creating art in Hong Kong. His work is influenced by different elements of classical art with modern stories, creating symbolic characters with soft and blurry brushstrokes.  Resulting in the creation of unique characters and stories. The theme of his work is based on children who are undergoing the metamorphosis of growth, exploring the other side of one’s inner story along with one’s imagination of the future. Throughout his career in art, he has participated in different joint exhibitions in individual exhibitions. In September 2021, he held an interactive exhibit in Harbour City titled "Tomato Sauce". The exhibit used the idea of shared misunderstandings as a theme, featuring a series of 2-D artworks and sculptures.

Selected Exhibitions

2022  「Fancied」, Touch Gallery, Hong Kong   (HK)          

             「ART Tainan」group exhibition at SILKS PLACE TAINAN (TW)                                   「Kazy chan x yuya saito」double solo exhibition at 333 gallery               

             「INNOCENCE」group exhibition at STREAMSGALLERY (HK)                                 「Boundless Stories」Duo exhibition at STREAMSGALLERY (HK)                               「Affordable Art Fair 2022」at Convention and Exhibition Centre (HK)                       「Trilogy」group exhibition at Aile Gallery (Korea)

2021    「蕃茄醬 KETCHUP」solo exhibition at HARBOUR CITY GALLERY(HK)               「Art Centric」special exhibition at Hyatt Centric Victoria Harbour Hotel                        (HK)

2020  「The Unfortunate Garden」solo exhibition at ZZCETISTER BOOKSTORE                    (Shanghai)          

             「Books」group exhibition at ZZCETISTER BOOKSTORE (Shanghai)                         「The Heart Seekers」group exhibition at Cabinet of stories (HK)  

             「K11 x streams lets pop art」group exhibition (HK)    

2019    「This is Hong Kong」special exhibition at PINKOI select store (HK)

2018    「Draw Three」group exhibition at B'IN SELECT shop (HK) 2015

             「男子學」solo exhibition at STOREROOMS (HK)

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