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Artist / Kosuke Ikeda

Kosuke lkeda

Born in Osaka, Japan, Kosuke Ikeda creates under the theme of “Change”. Every month he creates with a different format: two-dimensional, three-dimensional, videographic, conceptual… with which he reflects on and redefines the unspoken rules of the art world and our society. Ikeda constantly updates his blog to keep a log at his own changes as an artist while making ever-changing artworks. 

Solo Exhibitions

2022  This is It, gekilin., Osaka

2021   I am the reincarnation of Duchamp, gekilin., Osaka

2020  Ikeda's solo exhibition this month Ikeda - QQQQ, gekilin., Osaka

2019   NEKI Ikeda's new work exhibition this month ikeda, gekilin., Osaka

2018   39, gekilin., Osaka

2017   Sharp, Linlow, Osaka

2016   Gallery Select, Chuwa gallery, Tokyo

                Royal Straight Flush, Linlow, Osaka

2015   Ikeda's solo exhibition in Ikeda this month Ikeda, Links, Osaka

2014   Each is Each, Links, Osaka

     Multi, Chuwa gallery, Tokyo

2013   Upper, Links, Osaka

2012.  Visualism, Hair salon & Gallery deem, Hyogo

Exception, Chuwa gallery, Tokyo

2011    Select of Gambling Ⅱ, Chuwa gallery, Tokyo

2010   Select of Gambling, neutron tokyo, Tokyo

2009  Surprise and Harmony, neutron kyoto, Kyoto

      Dharma Karma, neutron tokyo, Tokyo

2008  The line is controlled, deem FIVE MANSION GALLERY, Hyogo

2007   jackherer, Fumitsubaki Building, kyoto

2006  minor change, Contents Label CAFE, Osaka

2005  Kosuke Ikeda Exhibition, ROsquare, Osaka

2004 DRAWING EXHIBITION, neutron kyoto, Kyoto


Group Exhibitions

2024      Visual Narratives, Touch Gallery, Hong Kong

2023      New Page, Touch Gallery, Hong Kong

2021   PAKUPAKUAN contemporary artists Group exhibition "MATSURUE PART2" , PAKUPAKUAN, Tokyo


Art Fairs

2023    Affordable Art Fair, Touch Gallery, Hong Kong

2018 「Art Fair Asia Fukoka 2018」@gekilin., HOTEL OKURA FUKUOKA, Fukuoka

    「infinity Japan Contemporary Art Show 2018」@gekilin., Royal Nikko Taipei, Taipei

2017 KOBE ART MARCHE 2017, Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel, Hyogo


    3331 ART FAIR 2017 PRIME PICK, CHIYODA ARTS 3331, Tokyo

    Infinity Japan Contemporary Art Show 2017, Miramar Garden Taipei, Taipei

2016 KOBE ART MARCHE 2016, Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel, Hyogo

2015 the art fair +plus-ultra 2015, Spiral Garden, Tokyo

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