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Artist / Lau Yin Yeung

Lau Ying Yeung.jpeg

​Lau Yin Yeung was born in Hong Kong in 1993 and obtained Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Arts from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia in 2017. Lau adopts oil painting as the primary medium for his art creation and pursues a balanced self - he assimilates the concept of yin and yang into his painting, in ‘Tao Te Ching: all things submit to yin and embrace yang in order to soften their energy’ is meant to achieve the state of harmony. He therefore mixes elements of the nature with a few man-built structures to create a sense of balance in his paintings.


2017       Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), RMIT University (Program co-presented with                      Hong Kong Art School)

2014      Higher Diploma in Fine Art (painting), Hong Kong Art School


Group Exhibitions

2019       ‘By The Window’, 1a space

2018       ‘An On-going balance of insecurity’, Gallery Exit

2017       ‘Deep Silence’, HKAS Alumni Network exhibition, Hong Kong Arts Centre

                ‘Fresh Trend Art Graduates Joint Exhibition’, chi K11 art space, Hong Kong

                ‘RMIT & HKAS BAFA Graduation Exhibition 2017’, Hong Kong Arts Centre

2014       ‘HKAS Higher Diploma in fine art Graduation Showcase’, Hong Kong Art                      School Pao Haung Sue Ing Campus

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