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"Trace" - Lewis Lau Solo Exhibition


2023.05.09 - 2023.06.03    

Lewis Lau (b.1988) graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Lewis often finds the deepest fragments from his memory, combined with the touching moments of things he encountered in life, then transforms them into his oil paintings. Lewis moved to the UK two years ago. In the country filled with a strong historical and cultural atmosphere, and the sudden change of the living environment, the city’s scenery has inspired him to a new development in his creative career.


From Hong Kong to the United Kingdom, from acquaintance to change. Different historical cultures and buildings intertwine with Lewis’ experiences and memories, constructing one after another "surreal" worlds in his mind. With an ingenious way of spraying and brushing on canvases, together with the rough texture and cautious concepts, Lewis complemented his own world within and hoped the viewers can feel the entanglement and sincerity in his paintings.


The stairs in the Central Market, the blue and white porcelain, Cambridge Bridge, the red telephone booths, from what he sees to what he remembers, became the nourishment of Lewis' creation. In this transitional period of living environment and lifestyle, Lewis integrated the culture and memory from his growth into the urban scenery in front of him.

Illustrating with vivid colours, presenting a spatial misplacement and overlapping images, it reshapes a unique memory of the metropolis.

In this exhibition, Touch Gallery sincerely presents ten works created by Lewis Lau. To view how Lewis catches the inspirations in his memory, from the present world to the past life, during his transformation of lifestyle, traced the association of the city in his artworks.


Throwing back to the lost, floats and brilliant day-to-day life memories.

Pursue the impact of reality, interlacing, and look forward to unknown creative inspiration.

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