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Artist / Ling Muki 

Ling Muki.png

Ling Lin (artist name Lingmuki) was born in Nanjing, China. She moved to Hong Kong at the age of eighteen to develop her artistic talents. She has been studying not only in Hong Kong, where she was awarded her degree and master’s degree in art and design, but also in Japan and Italy. Ling has experience in different medium including oil painting, Chinese painting, watercolour drawing, digital drawing, etc. Ling’s artworks have been exhibited at art fairs and galleries world-wide, among them is important to mention Oxford, Bangkok, Sydney, Shanghai, and many appearances in Hong Kong and native Nanjing. While being featured in various publications, Ling has also been taking commission projects and collaborations from all over the world.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2022 超新星 Supernova, solo exhibition at RAZE pop-up store in CWB, (Hong Kong)

2021 在別處 Be Elsewhere, solo exhibition at elixir, (Hong Kong)

2021 Solo exhibition at Babacio, (Hong Kong)

2018 Solo exhibition at Sonder Workshop, (Nanjing, China)

2017 “心之所至”, (Nanjing, China) Organised by ArtLab藝像派


Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 Fancied, Touch Gallery, Hong Kong 2022 It's Fair, (Hong Kong)

Organised by THE FRENCH GIRL 2022 Affordable Art Fair, (Hong Kong) Represented by Young Soy Gallery

2022 JUMFSTARTER 2022 GRAND FINALE with (Hong Kong) Organised by Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund

2022 Urban Colorz, Soho House (Hong Kong) Organised by THE FRENCH GIRL 2021 Upcycling Urban Art Fair, (Hong Kong) Organised by OnTheList and THE FRENCH GIRL

2021 Affordable Art Fair, (Hong Kong) Represented by Young Soy Gallery

2021 "I AM" exhibition at 艺鵠書店 ACO Book (Hong Kong) Organised by Art6Studio

2019 Shanghai International Art Fair, (Shanghai, China) Organised by Global Art Agency at Yangtze River Delta International Industries Expo (iCiE)

2017 Oxford International Art Fair, (Oxford, UK) Organised by Global Art Agency 2017 Under the Same Moon, (Sydney, Australia) Organised by Vermilion Art

2017 "Work in Progress 5: Design Spectrum", (Bangkok, Thailand) Organised by Rangsit University International Design Symposium


Selected Awards

2022 Merit Award (Professional Group)

2022 International Council of Visual Arts Awards

2022 优秀奖,2022亚洲青年新秀奖(春季赛)专业组 Sponsored by the Asian Youth Art and Design Alliance (AYADA)

2022 Excellent Award (Professional Group) Finalist Award (Professional Group) 2022 Global Chinese Art Design Award, By Art-d Award

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