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Artist / Lynn, Hsieh Ling Ling

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She is a Taiwanese actress who has received awards such as the Golden Horse Awards and the Asian Film Festival Awards. She is active in the film industry and has participated in numerous movies and TV shows, as well as hosting programs. She has a strong interest in the arts and after getting married, she took a break from acting to focus on her family. She has five children.




After getting married, she dedicated herself to taking care of her family and raising her five children. She places great importance on education and teaches her children values such as kindness, tolerance, and compassion. She sets an example by showing the importance of giving back to society and caring for the underprivileged. She also values continuous learning and self-improvement, as demonstrated by her completion of a CEO course at the China Europe International Business School last year, expanding her knowledge in various fields.


She emphasises communication with her children and respects their choices and interests. She is committed to maintaining a strong family bond and continues to live with her children, taking on both mother and father roles. Although she is divorced, her ex-in-laws still consider her as a permanent daughter-in-law, and she maintains filial piety and care for them.


To facilitate communication and better understand her children, she has made efforts to learn to use electronic devices and has opened an Instagram account, bridging the digital generation gap. She also understands the importance of staying up-to-date and frequently engages with her children in discussions about trends, technology, and the culture of the younger generation, eliminating generation gaps and staying connected with the next generation.


In the eyes of her children, she is an elegant and strong woman. Her children love and respect her deeply, and at her 60th birthday party, they designed an "Oscar for Best Mommy" award to express their love for her.




She has a passion for art. Besides being an artist herself, she also loves collecting artworks, including sculptures, paintings, and jewellery. Additionally, she enjoys painting and has studied ink wash painting with the renowned Chinese painter Huang Junbi. In recent years, she has been deeply devoted to oil painting.


She has a balanced lifestyle, appreciating both tranquillity and activity. She has a great love for dance as a form of artistic expression, including ballet, ethnic dances, and more recently, Latin dance. Furthermore, she places importance on maintaining her health and engages in various physical activities such as skiing, Pilates, and running.




Due to her love for art, many of her investments are art-related. She believes that investments should not only retain their value but also hold appreciative qualities. These art-related items are filled with artistic elements, providing many learning opportunities.


Even in real estate investment, such as Suzhou's Guanqian Street, she recognizes the primary value lies in its historical heritage. She is committed to preserving the cultural value of classical gardens and their aesthetic beauty.


In her investment approach, she has learned the art of cooperation and collaboration. She believes in the principle of "earning together" rather than being overly concerned with personal gain. She emphasises long-term cooperation and the establishment of mutually beneficial and trustworthy relationships.




She initially studied ink wash painting and later transitioned to oil painting under the guidance of senior artist Ma Duo. She appreciates the colours and unrestricted nature of oil painting. Her primary subjects include flowers, birds, landscapes, and scenery. Her use of vibrant and vivid colours reflects a "joyful state of mind."


In 2015, she held an oil painting charity sale in Taiwan, donating eight of her artworks, all of which were sold. As someone who was born and raised in Taiwan, she has always wanted to contribute to her homeland. She hopes to inspire more like-minded individuals to care for the elderly and children through her actions.


Charitable Endeavours


From being a child star to a mother and now a grandmother, she has experienced the ups and downs of life, as well as helplessness and encouragement. She understands the impermanence of life and that everyone goes through difficult times, and everyone needs to be loved. When she has the ability, she wishes to contribute to society and make it a more caring place.


She believes that the love for beauty is inherent in human nature. Therefore, she chooses to transform the beauty of art into the beauty of people's hearts. Through various charitable activities, she aims to make society more beautiful.


Given her emphasis on education, she has also donated funds to build five primary and secondary schools in her parents' hometowns of Hubei and Sichuan. She hopes to empower more capable individuals in mainland China to make contributions to society.


In 2010, she donated oil paintings for a charity sale to support the Morning Sun Island Gospel Rehab Centre in Hong Kong. In 2014, she used dance to raise funds for the Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry.


In 2015, she donated eight oil paintings for a charity sale organised by the Taiwan Quality Life Association. 


In August 2017, she held her first solo art exhibition in Hong Kong to raise funds for the Hong Kong Single Parents Association. 


In September 2017, she donated oil paintings for a fundraising event organised by the Taiwan Quality Life Association. 


In November 2017, she donated oil paintings to support the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children. She also donated oil paintings for a fundraising event by Light and Shadow Hong Kong in the same month.


In March 2018, she donated an oil painting for the Hong Kong AIDS Concern fundraising event. 


In March and September 2018, she donated three oil paintings on two occasions to support the Hong Kong Yan Oi Tong organisation. 


In November 2018, she donated an oil painting for a fundraising event by Light and Shadow Hong Kong. 

In December 2018, she used dance to raise funds for the Hong Kong Po Leung Kuk's 140th Anniversary Charity Ball.


In September 2019, she used dance to raise funds for the Taiwan Quality Life Association.

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