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Marianne Lau Solo Exhibition: Muted Love

2024.07.01 - 2024.07.13

Curatorial Statement

The tumult of the past five years have rocked many interpersonal relationships. Muted Love is a sampling of what it means to live through tough times, and sorting through private records of how one survives. Do you like what you used to like? Do you love who you say you love? Are we still hurting? Or do we live with the discomfort which we hope will resolve itself? 


Imagine these thoughts pervading the mindscape of an artist confronting a blank piece of paper. 


Marianne Lau revisits the Chinese ink painting tradition, which for many years she left behind.


In this exhibition the artist revels in scenes of the past, seeking solace in the storied Chinese ink painting tradition; and this grouping of paintings shows the artist's gradual return to her roots in Chinese calligraphy. Chinese characters in its very nature are formed by complex combinations of sinewy, curling strokes, which the artist couples with her interest in plants, landscapes, and the natural world.


Splashes of colour penetrate quick studies in black and white. Brushstrokes are dry, bold, and just scratch the surface before moving on to points of detail. There is an almost hurried approach to these ink paintings – marking a departure from the artist's prior preference for oil on canvas which required a more repetitive, laborious practice. 


This exhibition is about working our way out of chaos. Tidying up emotions; keeping a steady hand. We hope you walk away feeling lighter.


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Marianne Lau

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