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New Page: Mark-Making
Hector Chan, Ho Sin Tung, Miki Lam, Mak Ka Yan, Silvester Mok, Sinman Yeung

2023.01.06 - 2023.02.11

Exhibition Statement


As the foundation of all arts, sketching is the essential skill and phase of artists to learn the ways of seeing. In modern days, sketching has even evolved to an unique art form. Touch Gallery is proud to present “New Page: Mark-Making”, featuring 6 local young artists whose work would redefine sketching in the Contemporary Art world with unique lights, shadows, and pen strokes.


Ho Sin Tung's works often use themes of dictionaries, horror films and unconventional relationships. She borrows texts or stories, and retells them with paintings, drawings, installations, videos, texts and other mediums. Between reduction, expansion and marginalia, she connects specific individual experiences to a larger narrative. Sinman Yeung pencils heart-touching city landscapes, with her delicate touches she soothes and warms the tired souls of the quiet city, the pulse of which she tenderly responds to. In light of the utilitarian and repetitive nature of metropolitan life, Miki Lam incorporates impressionist and expressionist styles to illustrate the Hong Kong sentimentality, cold on surface yet humanistic and warm beneath. Mak Ka Yan injects imaginative fantasies to her daily life, inside an imaginative no man’s land she returns to an unstained self to ease her self-troubled mind. Hector Chan borrows Hong Kong’s image and sceneries in moving pictures to explore the synchronicity between mentality and visuality. Silvester Mok uses the 3D pottery printer to reinterpret the stereotypical impression of Chinese antiques. In the style of hatching and with rational and true formulas he fortifies his volatile mind with fluid clay, shaping forms and mental images impossible to hand-made pottery. 


Through minute layers of shades and delicate pen strokes, the exhibition will lead everyone to a journey inside the outstanding and diverse local contemporary sketching art scene. 


​Selected Works:

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