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New Page
Abby Lee, Elpis Chow, Apple Wong, Hector Chan, Kosuke Ikeda, Silvester Mok

2023.01.06 - 2023.02.11

Exhibition Statement


Time flies and with 2023 around the corner, Touch Gallery is proud to present “New Page”, a group exhibition featuring six up-and-coming artists with expertise in their own art forms and genres, they use their own experience to illustrate the ways of living in a city. 


Among them first are 4 artists who deploy unique imaginations to explore the connection of people and city: Abby Lee explores the relationship between modern society and people, featuring water supply systems and cross-sections of building structures in her works. An enthusiast of Japanese popular and sub- culture, Elpis Chow reimagines the unseen corners of our cityscape with her tranquil and definitive brushstrokes. Apple Wong paints unforgettable scenes of her childhood to reflect relationships and the beauty of life. Hector Chan borrows Hong Kong’s image and sceneries in moving pictures to explore the synchronicity between mentality and visuality. 


2 artists exercise their mastery on three-dimensional works. Under the theme of “Fluctuation”, Kosuke Ikeda challenges new possibilities of acrylic paintings: Layers of pigments are stacked, cut, stacked, cut again, and stacked… Vibrant colors of the pigment blocks form optical illusions, like a dense pack of buildings spreading across the canvas to become a thriving city. Silvester Mok uses the 3D pottery printer to reinterpret the stereotypical impression of Chinese antiques. With rational and true formulas he fortifies his volatile mind with fluid clay, shaping forms and mental images impossible to hand-made pottery. 


Through this exhibition, six citybound artists with their own imaginations explore the uncharted regions of the city and the art world. In the year of 2023, we invite everyone to appreciate and applaud for the hard-work of our young artists, together we explore a brand new bright future. 


​Selected Works:

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