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2022 Exhibition

Philip Hui 許劍豪 - Refraction 浮光


Highlight of the Month - Hui Kim Ho, Phillip

2022.01.06 - 2022.01.30

At the beginning of the new year, Touch Gallery collaborates with a local artist of the new generation, and presents the latest exhibition "Refraction" by Hong Kong artist Phillip Hui for the first time, introducing the new art force to the local art scene. The artist adopted the techniques of Eastern and Western paintings to construct a series of allegorical scenes that combine reality and fiction using the medium of oil paint. Through the interactive relationship between figures and nature, the exploration and seeking in an environment full of uncertainty, expressing his inner portrayal and reflecting the reality.

"Light" and "water" show the unpredictable state of the natural environment in this series of creation. At this moment, the cyan-green coloured water surface is calm and sparkling, but turbulence may occur at the dark abyss. In the epidemic era, how should we encounter the turbulent and rapidly changing life situations? Some may hesitate or linger with the sea shown in the paintings, illustrating various choices and decisions. Although the process of observation and search is tortuous, it also becomes the motivation of life. Following nature and life courses, we hope viewers can appreciate the picturesque scenery that will be ushered in after the tide subsides.

​Artist Statement

"Refraction" refers to a kind of flashing light on an object. One of the meanings in Chinese is a metaphor for people and things that are beautiful and dazzling, but changeable and fleeting. This series of works uses refraction of light and water as the main elements, which are both fascinating and difficult to control. I use different scenes, weather, light and water forms to represent various life situations, the figures are the representation of us, who learn to cope with everyday life.  When we are faced with daily changes and challenges, how can we make appropriate choices and solutions?

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