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2021 Exhibition

Szelit Cheung 張施烈  - Shimmer 微光


Highlight of the Month - Szelit Cheung

2021.01.05 - 2021.01.31

We are honoured to invite Hong Kong contemporary artist Szelit Cheung, to be the artist of Highlight of the Month in January 2021, presenting his latest oil paintings - Shimmer.


The recent art creation of Szelit Cheung, is aware of different kinds of spaces, such as blank spaces or neglected corners, lead him to contemplate the fascinating imagination derived from space, and further think about the concept of "emptiness". For him, "emptiness" is not literally equal to emptiness or nothingness, but a transitional state between viewing "emptiness" and before generating any imagination and feeling. He often studies the relationship between space and the concept of emptiness, and meanwhile, he is also thinking about how space is remembered. We can understand more about how he considers another aspect of "emptiness" - the relationship between space and emptiness by appreciating his paintings.

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