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 Silver Lining

2023.12.05 - 2023.12.30

Exhibition Statement

The closing line of Su Shi's poem "Ding Feng Bo" from the Northern Song dynasty, "Turning my head, I see the dreary beaten track. Impervious to rain or shine, I'll have my own will." uses weather and scenery as a metaphor for the various experiences in life, leaving behind a multitude of reflections as it transcends time. For Hong Kong artist Lau Kam Hung, the combination of sunny days and the interplay of storms and calmness create the tapestry of our lives, shaping them into a complete whole. Despite their unpredictability, these experiences are essential and enriching, offering valuable lessons and growth along the way.

Lau Kam Hung’s solo exhibition, titled "Silver Lining," responds to the theme of "Rain or Shine" with real-life scenery. It also inherits the tradition of literati landscape painting and integrates it into the artwork, presenting an alternative imagination of contemporary landscape painting. While interpreting "contemporary scenarios" in an "ancient style," Lau also showcases "contemporary materials" as "ancient ink and brushstrokes." He uses graphite and silver paint as painting media to interpret contemporary landscapes in a highly distinctive style. This serves as an expression of his unique visual language, exploring and paying homage to the philosophy of ink painting that has spanned thousands of years, and constructing a space for profound and extensive interpretations.

The most distinctive feature of Lau's artwork is the trees he portrays—seemingly ordinary yet possessing different qualities and rich details. In the highly urbanised environment of Hong Kong, trees within the city are both valuable and rare. By carefully observing, one can discover the infinite philosophy and aesthetic beauty hidden within the interplay of "decay and prosperity." Lau deeply understands the subtleties of "seeing the whole through the part" in artistic expression. He highlights the "micro" aspects of the glimpses of life as key elements in his paintings, using delicate brushstrokes to convey a definite pursuit of poeticism.

Touch Gallery is honoured to present Lau Kam Hung's solo exhibition, "Silver Lining," inviting audiences to experience and contemplate the essence of life, symbolised by "Rain or Shine," through Lau's artworks. By encountering trees, forests, and mountains depicted in his pieces, viewers are encouraged to re-explore the marvellous connection between humans and nature.

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