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The Gift

2024.07.05 - 2024.08.02

Exhibition Statement

The Touch Gallery will launch a joint oil painting exhibition - “The Gift” by renowned artists Liu Cheng Mui and Phillip Hui in July 2024. The emotional connections that gifts carry between people can transcend time and exist forever. For Liu, a gift is both a gift of life and a gift to give. She integrates various perspectives into her paintings, drawing inspiration from the objects given by her friends, the small toys she bought for her daughter, and the influence of masterpieces, reproducing the tenderness or thoughts behind the objects in the form of painting. 


Besides objects, space can also be a gift filled with memories. Hui's Hong Kong is a miniature landscape where reality and fantasy blend. Through rich colours, he projects his emotions towards Hong Kong, capturing the bustling cityscape and the gradually disappearing scenery. As the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard believed, the world first seen in childhood is a picture-like world full of beautiful colours. Our imagination and dreams are built upon the memories of this primordial, colourful childhood world, which becomes the source of our imagination. 


The objects themselves have no inherent meaning, but through human consciousness and perception, they are imbued with another layer of meaning. The works in this exhibition are not only gifts and blessings from the artists to themselves, but also carry the artists' understanding of painting, hoping to bring spiritual pleasure to the viewers.

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