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True to Form: The Power of Depicting Reality


2023.08.03 - 2023.08.26

Exhibition Statement

What is realistic art? Plato's theory of art posits that humans, as aesthetic subjects, strive to imitate and approach nature to the best of their abilities through artistic creation. However, if art is solely about revering and imitating nature, how can artists express their own subjectivity, and what is the purpose of realism? Realistic art, however, is not limited to mere imitation and reverence for nature. Countless artists infuse their works with their own subjectivity and creativity, resulting in each piece being unique. Realistic artists convey their understanding and emotions about reality through their own skills and imaginations, engaging with their audience through these distinctive sensibilities.


Realistic art is like an eternal horizon, spanning the vast expanse of art history. Despite its continual evolution, its unique value and perspective continue to influence contemporary art to this day. This August, Touch Gallery presents "True to Form: The Power of Depicting Reality", a group exhibition showcasing the works of local artists such as Aries Wu, Celia Ko, Lewis Lau, Mak Chung Yan, Ping Shun Chan, and Steven Tang. Through their exceptional personal styles and rich imaginations, these artists explore the profound reflections and relentless pursuit of realistic art. They represent a new generation of artists who use realism as a starting point to create something truly unique and meaningful.


We extend a warm invitation to you to join us at Touch Gallery and revel in the marvels of realistic art. Here, even the most delicate nuances and facets of reality are presented in ways that will astound you. Tangible objects are brought to life on canvas, taking on infinite shapes and forms. The realistic works of local artists offer a glimpse into their exceptional skills and unique perspectives, allowing you to delve deep into the vitality and profound meaning that realistic art brings. Come and immerse yourself in an extraordinary world of art that will leave you breathless.

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