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Elpis Chow Solo 
Under the Sun: Re-visit

2023.07.04 - 2023.07.29

Exhibition Statement

In the midst of a bustling city, our existence is split by the terminator, marking the division between day and night. During the daytime, we rush through the streets, without taking a moment to appreciate the unique and captivating scenery surrounding us. As we move through each day, all that occurs seems to serve as evidence of our busy lives, with endless missed moments slipping through our fingers.


Through the creative strokes of local artist Elpis Chow, even the most ordinary and unremarkable corners under the sun are fulfilled with infinite surprises. A meandering black cat roam through the alleys, leading us on a journey; while the abstract lines capture the essence of Japanese gardens in the "karesansui" style with perfectly placed blades of grass, stones, and woods; the flowing streams, clear as a mirror, reflect a pristine view, untouched by the dust of the world, pure and true… Elpis’s artworks contain another parallel dimension, in this realm, where sunlight reigns supreme, all is bathed in brilliance, a radiant gleam. Even the shadows cast by the sunlight present the essence of coolness and peacefulness.


French existentialist philosopher Sartre once said, "what you see is precisely what you want to see.” Through Elpis Chow’s unique perceptions, she leads viewers to step into a world of quiet and enigmatic daily scenes, often forgotten or overlooked. The exhibition "Under The Sun: Revisit" unveils ten of Elpis Chow's recent paintings. From bustling cityscapes, to tranquil courtyards and mountains, her works brim with poetry and imagination, imbuing ordinary subjects with new meaning and value. Join us on this journey in Touch Gallery, where the scenery follows the mind, and the beauty of ordinary objects is redefined. Let us meditate at the source of plants and trees, witness the diverse forms and spirits of all things.


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