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Artist / Virginia Lo

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2022     Part-time Lecturer of Hong Kong Art School                

                Tutor of Chinese Brush Painting (Short  Course), Hong Kong Art School

2005     Master of Fine Art, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)   


2002     Received her Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) degree with a distinction award

2001      Received the membership of Golden Key international Honour Society


Solo Exhibitions

2017       A Place is Telling Its Story|6/F, Foo Tak Building, Wanchai, Hong Kong

2011        The Pursuit of Happiness|L1, JCCAC

2002      Juxtaposition|The Art School Learning Centre,  Hong Kong


Duo- exhibition

2021       We Have The Best Scene Here | A  duo-exhibition with Mr. Argus Fong at                      The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School Selected


Group Exhibitions

2019       Hong Kong Art School 20th Anniversary  Exhibition, XX | Group Exhibition                    at Pao  Gallery

2017       Latency A joint exhibition curate by Kay Mei  Ling Beadman at The Hidden


2015      Object of Thoughts|A Joint exhibition with Andrew Hogg at Wah Tat 16                            Painting On and On|Fundraising Exhibition                 

                Gaze of Sins| curated by Painting On and On 6 at Koo Ming Kown Gallery

2013      Kwai Kwai Kwai Studio Opening

2012      Wah Tat 16|Wah Tat Industrial Building

2011        Zai zai Zin|an exhibition about the unmanageable wild one, at Sense 99

2006     Master Mind|Group Exhibition at Hong Kong Arts Centre

2005     Return to Painting|Group Exhibition at 1A Space              

                My Fair Lady|Group Exhibition at Too Art Gallery              

                Toy’s Story|Group Exhibition at Too Art Gallery

2004    In Progress|Group Exhibition at Hong Kong Arts Centre

2003     Linkage|Exhibition at shop Calypso

2002     Kai Zha Open Studio exhibition|Ming Pao Industrial Bldg. HK              

                50 (degree) UP: Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) Graduation Show 2002|Hong 

                Kong Arts  Centre              

                The Voice of 18 Emerging Artists|Loft 21, HK

2001      Showcase 103|The Art School, HKAC


Art Project

2020     “Precious Moment–Community Art Education Project” organised by Hong

                Kong Art School, sponsored by the HSBC Hong  Kong Community 

                Partnership Programme

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