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Visual Narratives

2024.1.05 - 2024.2.03

Exhibition Statement


Touch Gallery is delighted to present the " Visual Narratives " group exhibition in January 2024, featuring the works of nine Asian artists: Ayaïro, Ikeda Kosuke, Jamstyle JARO, Kamikubo Yusuke, Kim Eun Joo, Hanna Kim, Woojung Son, Eugene Lun, and Jonathan Hadipranata. Each artist has created unique styles or even virtual characters and brought them to life through a series of paintings and sculptures, interpreting their distinctive stories.


This collaborative exhibition will showcase the works of four artists from Japan, three from South Korea, one from Hong Kong, and one from Indonesia:


Ayaïro is renowned for her vivid and nostalgic painting style, often depicting colourful rural landscapes that portray adorable and playful scenes, exploring the interaction and symbiosis between nature and humans.


Ikeda Kosuke, with the proposition of "change," creates on a monthly basis in various ways and themes. Through mediums such as two-dimensional, three-dimensional, imaging, and conceptual art, he rethinks and redefines various conventions and discourses in the realms of society and art.


Jamstyle JARO focuses on bright and vibrant character images, filled with rich details and dynamic expressions that irresistibly captivate and inspire art enthusiasts and followers of pop culture.


Kamikubo Yusuke utilises ceramics to create the endearing and curious Toky and the timid yet diligent Shuky, evoking nostalgic memories of cartoon robots from our childhood.


Kim Eun Joo introduces Windy and the magical girl Leona through his artwork, expressing his desire to break free from societal stereotypes and become his authentic self.


Hanna Kim's rabbit characters serve as both her imagined friends and her avatars. Her works document her experiences with rabbits in daily life, becoming her way of communicating with the world.


Woojung Son's artworks feature the white tiger, cats, and other animals accompanying girls, representing the people she loves. She incorporates imagination, dreams, and a sense of freedom into her works, transforming contemporary art into a realm between realism and fantasy.


Eugene Lun employs playful and whimsical styles to express his perspectives on pop culture and everyday life issues, aiming to explore the invisible boundaries in daily life, as well as the unwritten rules generated by societal norms and pressures.


Jonathan Hadipranata draws inspiration from his childhood anime and cartoons. His artworks feature children with mouths taped shut and using paper cup telephones, symbolising his experiences and views on society and profound introspection within interpersonal relationships.


The coming together of these nine Asian artists for this exhibition is a rare and extraordinary occasion that should not be missed. Let us explore their creative worlds and unique artistic languages together, experiencing the captivating charm and thought-provoking ideas that these artists bring to us.

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