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Artist / Yusuke Kamikubo 


Yusuke Kamikubo (b. 1977) was born in Tokyo, started learning ceramics art in Forest Fish Factory.


The works of him are evoking the memories of cartoon robots that everyone longed for in childhood. Compared to the strong image of superheroes, his robot has a sense of healing and childishness. The gentle shape of work stems from his insistence on handcrafting. Most of them are crafted by hand. Parts are assembled one by one which is similar to the process of building models. The limbs of some robots can even move flexibly, which is full of fun. With the metallic colour, it is reminiscent of pottery.


His pottery concept is more focused on individuality and entertainment than practicality. Although they are sophisticated works, it is still full of tenderness and humanity, presenting an unique style of Yusuke Kamikubo.


1977     Born in Tokyo

2010    Start learning pottery at Morio Kobo, Nerima Ward, Japan


2023    Solo     Mito-shi Ibaraki (Ibaraki)

                            Visual Narratives, Touch Gallery, Hong Kong

2022    Solo      Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store (Osaka)                                                         Tokyu Department Kichijoji Store (Tokyo)         

                             ICity21 (Nagano)                                

                            Gallery Nao (Tokyo)                                 

                             Mito-shi ibaraki (Ibaraki) 2021     

               Solo     Gallery Artsoup (Gunma)                                

                            Mito-shi ibaraki (Ibaraki)

2020    Solo      Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store (Osaka)                                                       Gallery Nao (Tokyo)

2019     Solo      Gallery Ohhh!!! (Tokyo)

2014 Solo      Gallery Artsoup (Gunma)                               

                            Meee Gallery Tokyo (Tokyo)

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