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Artist / Yuta Nishiura

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Born in Yokohama, Japan in 1974, Nishiura studied at Bagamoyo Art
University (Sculpture Project),Tanzania, as well as graduated from Tokyo
Institute of Art/ Chinese Painting Department and studied at Hamburg
Art University in Germany. He combines beautiful childhood memories
and his experience of travelling in various places to show the
unprecedented scenery through his artworks.

Yuta Nishiura's woodcarving works are exquisite and vivid, presenting a
rich imaginary world, leading the audience into innite reverie. He has
also successfully made his name internationally. He has held solo
exhibitions in Japan, Taiwan, and other major Asia cities. His successful
solo exhibition with Touch Gallery in 2022, is celebrated by Asian

1974     Born in Yokohama, Japan

1997     Studied at Bagamoyo Art University (Sculpture Project), Tanzania

2000     Graduated Toyo Institute of Art / Chinese Painting Dep., Tokyo

2005     Studied at Hamburg Art University (hfbk), Germany


Recent Exhibitions

2022     Solo Exhibition, Inside My Glass Doors, Osaka

2022     ‘One Art Taipei 2022’, Taipei

2021     ‘Art Taipei 2021’, Taipei

2021     Solo Exhibition, Savoir Vivre, Tokyo

2021     Exhibition w/ Mobai, Hankyu Dept. Store Umeda Gallery, Osaka

2021     Collaboration show (Op.2), plus106, Kagawa

2021     ‘One Art Taipei 2021’, Taipei

2020     Duo Exhibition, THZ Gallery, Taipei

2020     ‘VIEW’ Exhibition w/ Mobai, Galerie Wa2, Tokyo

2020     ‘Art Taichung 2020’, Taichung

2020     ‘One Art Taipei 2019’, Taipei

2019     Collaboration show (Op.1), krank/marcello, Fukuoka

2019     ‘SINCERELY’ Solo Exhibition, Savoir Vivre, Tokyo

2019     Solo Exhibition, Hankyu Dept. Store Umeda Gallery, Osaka

2019     ‘One Art Taipei 2019’, Taipei

2018     ‘Landscape’ Solo Exhibition, Fnji, Hangzhou, China

2017     ‘Light’ Solo Exhibition, krank/marcello, Fukuoka

2017     ‘Into’ Solo Exhibition, Savoir Vivre, Tokyo

2017     Solo Exhibition, Inokashira Park Sculpture Museum, Tokyo

2016     ‘Outoffocus’ Solo Exhibition, Galerie Wa2, Tokyo

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