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Private Vanitas-Justin Lim Solo Exhibition Price List


Curator - Shirky Chan

I can't catch up with time.  Every moment I chase after nothingness, it just passes without sign. The present and future of time flow, expanding and contracting in different domains. Now I am entering an unknown space, overturning the concept of time. I expand the present and future infinitely, while selecting past stories like a collection of prose...

Compared between time and art, it is difficult to define which side is more abstract in concept. They both have similar traces in parallel space. Both construct an origin in society, culture, and history. The fleeting images of artworks serve as a dialogue with the past, and also play the role of a prelude to the future. This prelude is a belief that holds new possibilities and challenges beyond limitations.

Two years later, we are at the second chapter of Chow Chun Fai’s Tarot series. Chow continues to incorporate Hong Kong scenery, classic Hong Kong film scenes, and elements of popular culture into the world of Tarot. Consistent with his playful and ironic interpretation, he expresses the emotions and impact this city has brought him. Through the inherent narrative, mystery, and symbolism of tarot, the artwork evokes the complexity of time and space. Seemingly logical past events seem to reveal a mysterious future. The Tarot series demonstrates how to deliberately misplace time, space, symbolism, and material in an orderly manner. This displacement is not concealed but not loud; as if it is composed of many fleeting moments that flicker in life. The non-linear arrangement allows viewers to further enter the artist's perception, and the contextually related meanings lead to emotional exchanges.

策展人 - 陳瑞琦

我趕不上時間。每刻拚命地追趕著虛無,它始終流逝得不見蹤影。時間的現在及未來流動著, 在不同領域伸延及縮短。 現在我正進入不知名的空間,顛倒時間的概念。將現在與未來對等地無限膨脹,同時把過去的故事像散文集般精選出來...


藝術與時間相比,很難界定那一方在概念上較抽象。但它們都在平行空間上有着相似的軌跡。兩者都在社會,文化及歷史上建構出一個原點。而畫作的片刻影像為過去解話,也扮演著未來的引子。 這引子是一種信仰,擁有著新的可能及超出規限的挑戰。


兩年後來到周俊輝塔羅系列的第二章。周氏繼續將香港景物,經典港產片場景,以及流行文化元素帶入塔羅世界。貫徹其嬉諷的作風,從中感受到這個城市對他帶來的情感與衝擊。 透過塔羅固有的敍事,神秘及符號性的設定,作品勾起時空的複雜性。看似順理成章的往事,彷彿透露迷離的未來。塔羅系列展現出如何把時間,空間,寓意和物質有序地錯置。這種錯置不隱藏,但不喧鬧;就好像由生活中眼角閃過的許多瞬間而組成。 非綫性的鋪陳令觀者進一步進入藝術家的感知;語帶相關的含意亦引進相互感染的情緒。

Chow Chun Fai 周俊輝
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