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Abby Lee 李欣儀

Abby Lee graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a major in Scenic Art. During her studies, she did a scenic internship in Royal National Theatre, London. She is currently studying a masters of Arts in fine art degree at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. LEE mainly uses acrylic to paint and create stop motion animation. The living and working environments always appear in her scene. She likes the themes including the system and routine life of people.

李欣儀2014年畢業於香港演藝學院,主修繪景藝術。在學期間曾獲校內獎學金赴倫敦皇家國家劇院實習。目前正在香港中文大學修讀藝術文學碩士課程。 她主要使用塑膠彩進行製作並期望從作品探索現代社會與人的關係。供水系統、人工建築物橫切面和城市景觀等都是她繪畫中的主要元素。她於2016年首次參加群展,其後作品被多名私人收藏家收藏。她於2020年入圍香港人權藝術獎,並在2021年獲得第四屆新藝潮博覽會金獎。

Apple Wong 黃曉楓

“In my painting, I subtracted the sexual characteristics of human body. Afterwards, everyone's the same. They are "human beings", just like me and you." Apple Wong Hiu Fung is a Hong Kong artist. Upon her graduation from the School of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University, she has held personal exhibitions in Hong Kong and has participated in various art exhibitions and expos. Her works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Belgium, England and Singapore. In 2017, she published a poetry and painting collection named "Summer of Freedom" in cooperation with local poet She Kwan and publisher Art and Culture Outreach. In 2018, she independently published a zine called "One Portrait One Arabic". She acquired The Derwent Art Prize Young Artist Award in 2016, artwork was exhibited at London Mall Galleries. In 2011, She was awarded the Hong Kong Cliftons Art Prize 2011, the selected work has been collected by Cliftons. ​Body speaks louder than words.


Apple's art has always attempted to comprehend the essence of human being. She appropriates subtle gestures and body shapes to interpret certain topics: relationships, independence, eternity, faith, etc.  Through creating artwork, Apple records life experience, keeps exploring the private part of our soul. She believes the individuality of human being is the most beautiful and unique part in our lives.


香港畫家黃曉楓於香港浸會大學視覺藝術院畢業,畢業後曾於香港舉辦個人展覽,亦參與於香港、台灣、澳門、比利時、英國、新加坡各地群展及博覽會。2017年與本地詩人璇筠、出版社艺鵠合作出版詩畫集《自由之夏》及於2018年獨立出版小誌《一臉一詞 One Portrait One Arabic》。


黃曉楓於2016年獲得英國The Derwent Art Prize Young Artist Award(於London Mall Galleries展出),2011年亦獲得Cliftons Art Prize,作品更被Cliftons所收藏 。

Elpis Chow 周紫羚


Born in 1996, Elpis Chow is good at observing corners and spaces in the city, by painting the strict patterns and her collision of colours, representing alternative areas of the real in her paintings. Troubled by not being able to travel these years, Elpis reviews her old photos and those sightseeing photos by others over the internet, put together this series of self portraits and landscape paintings.


Hector Chan 陳偉傑

Born in Hong Kong in 1991, Hector Chan Wai-Kit he finished his MA in Fine Arts in University of Arts London  – Chelsea College of Arts in 2018, graduated from BA in Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2015; and studied in Fine Arts Academy of Bologna during study exchange in 2014. 

Chan has been curating and participating in exhibitions of Hong Kong and London, some of his artworks are privately collected. Chan also works for art and cultural education, and has been a special lecturer in Chelsea College of Arts. He is currently living and working in Hong KongChan’s practice explores how the creative process of pictures, paintings and drawings could capture the fluency, rapidness and quantity of dynamic images, and hence catch up and assemble the desire of seeing and memory.


Dynamic of gesture smoothens and extends the ways of seeing, it strikes into the eyes and summons the torrent of images in mind instantly, which brings an image more than an image. Sometimes it penetrates time at a moment, summoning the next moment of the movement; and sometimes it penetrates the memory, connecting similar scenes together. Dynamic is a fluent extendibility for images which summons our desire to see across the present image. Furthermore, it is not only an extended desire, but also a symptom of desire itself for the rapidness and quantity of seeing in the image-flooding era.


For Chan, painting is an action responding to the desire of seeing. He sometimes condenses painting’s content to extend the capacity of painting body and catch up the quantity of images; sometimes construct the range of association by collective words and drawings; sometimes he disperses complexity into multiple paintings and drawings to improve fluency of painting process and catch up the freshness of desire.







Kosuke Ikeda 池田孝友

Born in Osaka, Japan, Kosuke Ikeda creates under the theme of “Change”. Every month he creates with a different format: two-dimensional, three-dimensional, videographic, conceptual… with which he reflects on and redefines the unspoken rules of the art world and our society. Ikeda constantly updates his blog to keep a log at his own changes as an artist while making ever-changing artworks.