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Mountains of Misty Rain

09.04.2024 - 04.05.2024

Exhibition statement                                  


"Mist Mountain, Water Morning; Dusts, Dusk" Drawing inspiration from a solo journey I embarked on ten years ago, I have painted a series of landscape artworks that combine reality and imagination, reflecting upon the inherent solitude of the world through uncertain memories.


Ten years ago, during my first solo trip, I engaged in numerous dialogues with my inner self amidst the mountains and rivers. It is often said that travel is a process of self-discovery, and so it is with life and art, both profoundly solitary. From the moment we are born, we begin constructing our own worlds, independent realms that no amount of language or physical expression can fully convey to others. Solitude should not be resented; it is merely the nature of the world.


Throughout the creative process, I repeatedly revisited distant landscapes, retracing my past self through words written ten years ago. The artworks in this exhibition are a fusion of memories and imagined landscapes. Memories are always filled with uncertainty, containing fragments that we construct, and it is said that our minds selectively preserve relatively pleasant memories. Only the present moment is truly real. Upon further reflection, living in the realm of illusions is not without its merits.


Life is like mountains of misty rain, obscure yet tender. Every day, we float amidst the realm between illusion and reality.


Apple Wong Hiu Fung

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