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When turning into Night

Abby LEE, an emerging artist from Hong Kong. Her works often depict her living and working environment, with favourite themes including group collaboration and personal destiny. Elements such as water supply systems, cross-sections of man-made structures, and urban landscapes are common features in her paintings.

She is skilled at expressing characters and their interactions with the environment in her paintings. Combining her experience in stage production, she creates highly visual scenes that explore the relationship between individuals and modern society.

In 2020, LEE received the Gold Award from Art Next Expo 2021 in Hong Kong. She also obtained the "Osage Art Award - Best in MA Show" in 2023. 
This year, she presents a series of paintings that capture the diverse scenes of the city's streets, buildings, and people at night under the theme of "When Turning into Night". Night time is her favourite and most relaxing part of the day, as the pace of the city slows down and the surrounding environment becomes more serene, allowing her to break free from the busy collective activities. During her long commute home from work, Lee has the opportunity to observe the changing light and environment around her.

Through this process of observation and depiction, she has organised her own thoughts and gained new insights into life at night. The tranquil and ever-changing scenes of light and shadow have inspired her reflections on chasing the light of the night. Lee hopes that when the audience appreciates her works, they can feel the serene moments when the night falls. Her paintings invite the viewer to step into a world of tranquillity, where the city's bustling energy gives way to a more contemplative and introspective atmosphere.

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Abby Lee

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